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The Africa Prosperity Dialogues is a concept developed by the Africa Prosperity Network to promote with greater urgency the economic integration of Africa’s 1.4 billion people. And to do so by giving the voices of business, women and young people in Africa a greater say in the process of deepening intra-Africa trade. The concept was fully adopted by the main partners, namely the AfCFTA Secretariat and the Office of President of the Republic of Ghana, AfCFTA’s host nation, after a thorough concept presentation and brainstorming session. This took place at a two-day working retreat from the 7th to 9th April 2022, organised by the Africa Prosperity network, at the Rock City Hotel, on the Kwahu Mountains in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Being the birthplace of the concept, it was agreed that the annual Africa Prosperity Dialogues be dubbed “Kwahu Summit” as reference to its origin.
•African Heads of State •Heads of Regional Economic Communities within the AU •Heads of Africa’s multinational corporations •Leading African entrepreneurs •The AU Secretariat •The AfCFTA Secretariat •Leading thought leaders The CARICOM Secretariat •Ministers of finance, trade, industry, and infrastructure •Young entrepreneurs in Africa and the African Diaspora •Heads of multinational corporations with a strong presence in Africa •Heads of Trade Associations •Heads of development banks •Heads of Africa-focused organizations •Influential figures in the African Diaspora •Heads of State-owned Corporations
The Africa Prosperity Network (APN) is the event organiser with the AfCFTA Secretariat, the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana and in partnership with the Ghana Investment Promotion Center, United Nations Development Program and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

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