About APN

About Africa Prosperity Network

The Africa Prosperity Network (APN) is a non-profit private organisation founded with the objective of advancing the vision of ‘The Africa We Want’ as outlined in the African Union’s Agenda 2063, striving to promote Africa’s progress, independent of external aid.

APN is the vehicle that runs the Africa Prosperity Dialogues, an initiative committed to creating the platforms for partnerships among political and business leaders, civil society, academia and traditional authorities in Africa. This is aimed at driving the rapid development of the continent through dialogues and consensus building on issues of trade, commerce and strengthening of African economies.


Our mission is to bring Africa’s most influential leaders and stakeholders, both from the private and public sectors together, in pursuit of a common goal: to realise the vision of ‘The Africa We Want’ outlined in the African Union’s Agenda 2063, using platforms such as the annual Africa Prosperity Dialogues. Through impactful dialogues, strategic partnerships, and advocacy efforts, we aim to promote a conducive environment for business growth, investment, and innovation across the continent. We are committed to driving tangible progress towards the establishment of an integrated African market, leading to sustainable economic development and shared prosperity for all Africans.


Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Boldness
  • Innovation
  • Accountability



To be the leading network driving Africa’s economic transformation and shared prosperity, championing the creation of the world’s largest single market and advancing intra-African trade.

APN’s Services, Approach and Stakeholders

The services APN provides include regional dialogues, advisory and consultancy services, and evidence-based regional policy work to drive intra-African trade for the prosperity of Africa and Africans.

APN takes a 360 degrees approach towards its cross-border and cross-sectoral work, taking into consideration the political, economic, social, and environmental dimensions of Africa’s industrialisation, infrastructure development, economic diversification, security, finance, and legal and regulatory matters.

At the heart of APN’s regional work is continuous engagement with high profile decision makers in government, businesses, development finance institutions, regional and regional institutions, and civil society organisations on cross-border and cross-sectoral issues that drive the collective prosperity of Africa and people of African descent.

Who We Are


We establish platforms for dialogues aimed at reshaping the perspectives of African leaders and guiding them towards taking collaborative and decisive actions that drive accelerated prosperity across the continent.


Our strategy involves mobilising political and business leaders in Africa, facilitating collaborations to redefine the principles and policies necessary to prioritise the well-being of African citizens. It is essential that we collectively strive to improve the quality of life across the continent by facilitating conversations by Africans, for Africa.


Africa Prosperity Dialogues present an annual platform for Africa’s private sector to foster meaningful relationships, both among themselves and with public officials, in the pursuit of realising the potential of Africa’s single market.

This first edition of the Africa Prosperity Dialogues comes in the wake of the terrible COVID-19 pandemic and especially at a time when the African Continental Free Trade Area is taking off to bring prosperity to Africa.


We need to build a higher level of trust between businesses, Government and Broader civil society, that we need to move in the same direction. Building trust enables us to move from ambition to action more quickly.